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We offer professional development, tools and resources for our members. We provide seminars, workshops and an annual conference so you can share knowledge and develop your skills alongside your peers across the public service.

Look out for each other ... we're all in this together

March 21, 2020
Like our colleagues across the communications network in Aotearoa, we are going to pause all networking events for the foreseeable future.We understand that many of you may be directly supporting the government's response to COVID-19, others may be supporting it by helping organisations c...
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Check out what we have planned in 2020!

We had an awesome turnout at our first event for the year at our sponsor, Madison Recruitment's great offices. It turns out that lots of people are really really interested in comms recruitment trends in 2020!

Our Committee Chair, Lise Hutcheon, also launched our draft event calendar for the year so you can see what's coming. And, we plan to do a survey to sense check with you. Here's a snapshot of what we're planning:

Networking and communications development

We are committed to providing affordable, thought-provoking and fun events to support communications professionals working in the public sector be the best they can be. 

Whether you are new to comms or a seasoned professional, our events will help you engage with and learn from the insights and expertise of others working in government agencies.

Our sponsors are Madison Recruitment so do check them out if you're looking for a new opportunity!

We are building the value of communications across the public sector for better engagement, trust and participation in government.

The Network was established around 1985. We are lead by a voluntary committee and governed by our constitution. We operate in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city.We keep you connected with your peers and the issues that matter to your work and career. Join us now.

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