Lessons and learnings from the Canterbury Earthquakes Sequence: taking practice to academia and back again

Sara K. McBride was the public education and public information coordinator for the Canterbury Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group from 2006-2010, leaving just three weeks before the Darfield quake,

Sara returned as a public information manager, second in command, during February 2011. She had an opportunity to study further in a PhD her own failures in communication regarding earthquakes.

This talk is about her lessons and how she is currently taking what she has learned in her PhD thesis and applying these to GeoNet.

Her major findings are on echo chambers and how these relate to power and authority. She also will focus on how we can improve risk communication overall across disciplines.

  • Thursday 23 June
  • 12noon to 1pm
  • Hall, St Andrew's Centre, (through alleyway at right of St Andrew's Church), 30 The Terrace, Wellington
  • Free for paid members
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