31st May, 6-7.30, Massey University Executive Seminar Suite

Harry Mills, CEO of the AhaAdvantage Group, has recently launched two books in the US. One of them, called Zero resistance, is about what Harry calls "friction-free influencing". He'll share some insights from the new book at this free seminar. There'll also be an opportunity to learn about Massey's Master of Professional Public Relations degree: students are already reporting it's helping them gain more senior positions. Drinks and nibbles provided.

Friction-Free Influencing: how to get to yes faster by eliminating resistance.

  • Why and how we need to change the dominant way we persuade and influence others.
  • Learn about the astonishing power of self-persuasion that succeeds by helping people convince themselves.
  • Discover how to move sceptics from no to maybe to yes.

    Harry Mills

    Harry Mills is the subject matter expert on influence for the Harvard Manage/Mentor Programme. His 14 books on influencing, message making and business development have been translated into 18 languages.

    His latest two books are Zero Resistance: how to sell more by eliminating scepticism and mistrust and Secret SAUCE how to add persuasive punch to your messages. They provide readers with the practical tools and techniques they need to become expert at Friction-Free Influencing.

    Email Camille Alter-Shaw at C.Alter-Shaw@massey.ac.nz to register.