About the Network of Public Sector Communicators

We're a professional network, leading knowledge sharing and professional development in public sector communications. We're commonly known as 'The Network'.

The Network was established in 1985 by people passionate about driving excellence in public sector communications. We're led by a voluntary committee who share that same passion. We have over 500 members who make up our network of professional communications practitioners.
Our aim is to run affordable events, conferences and social events for our members in Wellington, New Zealand's busy capital city, and to keep you connected with Wellington's communications network so you can develop your skills alongside your peers and focus on the issues that matter to your work and career.

Our focus is government because we understand the environment you work in and the importance of what you do. Everything we do is about inspiring success - in your programmes, in your agency and in your career.

Join us now to be a part of Wellington's public sector communications network or take a look at some of our upcoming events.