Our Network events provide a professional forum for learning, development and networking.

Our professional development seminars and workshops can help you at whatever stage of your career
you're in and wherever in government you work. The Network aims to hold six seminars and three workshops per
year on topics ranging from communications planning, crisis and issues management, change management,
media training and much more.

Our seminars and workshops are available to both paid members and mailing list members.
Our seminars are generally free and workshops heavily discounted for our paid members.

Enrolling for an event

If you're not already a member of the Network, you'll first have to register with us as a full member or a mailing list member, before enrolling for a seminar or workshop.

Both full members and mailing list members need to enrol for all events they attend through our online registration and membership system ClubHub.

To enrol log in to ClubHub with your UserName and password, go to Tasks/Purchases and Bookings, and Select the event you want to attend.